We could say we’re the best in your area because we offer so much more than other schools. But we’ll let you make that decision! From our friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained staff to our clean, safe and well-equipped facilities, we have the perfect program just for YOU. Our programs a specifically designed for age groups and abilities that have classes as follows;
  • KINDY KARATE                     3.5 – 5 year old classes
  • KIDS KARATE                        6 – 10 year old classes
  • ADVANCED KARATE            11-12 year old Beginners and Advanced students (green belt and above)
  • ADULT’s & TEENAGER’s      13 years and older classes
Our instructors are focused on child development and all have undergone an intensive coaching program at BMA under Chief Instructor Craig Crampton. We’ll not only teach you all the techniques and moves, but we’ll also educate you in the Martial Arts way: Respect, Self-Confidence and Discipline. And parents: In partnership with you we will transform your child into a motivated, self-starter who will have more confidence and will grow with abundant self-esteem as they move through our Child specific fun programs. Teens and Children will learn to concentrate and focus their energy constructively which results in better school work and grades. So come grow with us… and bring the entire family! Reap the Benefits from BMA
  • Helps release stress and tension
  • Realistic & effective self-defence built in to every Program
  • Builds a sound body as well as a sound mind
  • Enhances conditioning, flexibility, agility, coordination
  • Can aide in weight reduction and increase stamina
  • Develops confidence, respect, discipline, character, concentration and leadership ability
  • Promotes a feeling of well being and greater self esteem
  • Will energise your life in a fun and exciting way
  • We will provide you with a safe and positive environment
  • We will promote conflict avoidance and develop awareness of negative peer pressure
  • Help develop goal setting and achieve higher self esteem
  • Training promote’s better schooling
  • Greater understanding of respect & discipline
  • Develop a positive and winning attitude
  • Teamwork and team building
  • You will learn the Black Belt success program we have developed for 2016
Our classes are fun, exciting, educational, and empowering!


As well as offering a comprehensive range of world class syllabuses covering all facets of Martial Arts suitable for the whole family, BMA-Busselton Martial Arts offers all members the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of other Martial Arts activities to enhance their learning and Martial Arts Journey. Some of these include and are currently in development as we speak
  • Specialised Children’s Autumn Karate Camp held in Busselton
  • Access to Australia’s leading network of Martial Arts Instructor Seminar’s through the AKF (Australian Karate Federation)
  • Access to the WORLD’s leading martial arts historian and world renown master instructor Patrick MaCarthy Hanshi (9th Dan)
  • Dojo Tai Kai (big training/gathering)
  • Exclusive Master Seminar’s from Chief Instructor Craig Crampton Shihan
  • BMA is known for having special guest instructors several times a year
  • BMA in known for organising travel to other associated Dojo’s
  • BMA’s exclusive CLAN REWARDS competition for students, encouraging behaviour to intertwine with school, home and the Dojo.
  • BMA is highly social as well. We have many opportunities for gatherings that range from;
    • Dinners
    • Ten Pin Bowling / Paintball / Lasertag parties for Adults 13yrs+
    • Adult local region brewery/wine tours
    • Local Watering Hole visits
    • Casual BBQ’s and gatherings
    • Camping Trips
  • BMA exclusive member’s only events such as;
    • Kids Movie Nights at the Dojo (parents get to go out for dinner)
    • BMA Thursday Night Fight Nights
    • BMA Private Fridays (opportunites to book 15min sessions for private tuition)
    • BMA Clan Parties for the winning CLAN of that season
    • BMA’s Famous Choas Night (Parents come in for training with their children)
    • BMA’s Traditional Halloween Night
    • BMA’s Board Breaking Achievement Nights
  • Specialised Weapon classes for Adults’s
  • Exclusive further leadership and training courses (SWAT Membership)