Foundation of the Mountain Style Weapon Arts

This art is NOT TAUGHT to anyone under the age of 13 years. Classes are of a casual informal and ungraded nature and held specifically once per week for those interested in adding to their training.


There are several methods of Okinawan Kobudo widely practiced throughout the modern Karate world today. The Kobudo system known as Yamane-ryu [aka Yamanni Ryu]. Until recent times, Yamane-ryu has remained virtually unknown in the karate world outside of Okinawa. Yamane-ryu Kobudo employs swift but powerful circular motion, a distinct pattern of twisting thrusts, vibrant body dynamics and pliable footwork.


The first weapon you will experience is the Bo, a six foot tapered staff considered the ‘King’ and the oldest of the Okinawan weapons.

Other weapons that may be experienced over time are

  • Eiku (Wooden Boat Oar)
  • Sai (3 pronged metal truncheon)
  • Kama (traditional farming sickle and considered to hardest of weapons to learn)
  • Tekko (Stirrup)
  • Tonfa (Originally part of a grinding machine, more recognisable now as a law enforcement side handle baton)
  • Kali (Short Sticks traditional to the Phillipines)
  • Jo (A Japanese system using a Short Stick of 128cm)



Koto tanto sword

This art is NOT TAUGHT to anyone but only the most dedicated of students under Chief Instructor Craig Crampton Shihan.

An excellent way to train mind, body and spirit, sword training will make you calmer and better able to deal with stress. Using fighting traditions that date back more than 600 years we will turn you into a competent swordsperson with the ability to discover the warrior within.