Karate 6-10 yrs (Kids Karate)

Our KIDS KARATE Martial Arts Program

Kids Martial Arts Training at BMA could save your child’s life…

But not in the way you are thinking. There is no question that martial arts training will give your child self-defence training over time that could save your child’s life in the future, but the biggest enemy your child faces is not some evil person lurking around the corner.

The enemy most children face now, every single day, is far more devious. It can rob them of a happy and healthy childhood and even prevent them from becoming successful adults into the future. This enemy is Lack of Confidence and it can have a lot of symptoms…

Bad Grades Getting into Trouble Disrespectful Attitude to Others Lazyness
Being a Target for Bullying Getting into Fights Having Trouble making Friends Shyness

Our Martial arts programs have helped thousands of children over the last 25 YEARS! become more confident and put them on the right path, regardless of how hopeless the situation may have seemed in the beginning.

Confidence is the Key to success in your child’s life

We will give your child the respect, discipline, and confidence needed to succeed and thrive…Not just right now, but for the rest of your child’s life…

Do you want to give your child the foundation to a successful life?

Let Us Prove to You How Much BMA Can Help Your Child…

Right now, you can take advantage of our 6 classes and a FREE uniform to keep with no obligation to join for just $49.00 (to be used over a 3 week period) During these lesson’s, you’ll learn more about BMA, our programs, and how we can provide the discipline, respect, and confidence that is so important to your child’s success.

Following in the footsteps of the masters, Sensei Craig (a qualified and licenced master instructor) coaches GoJu Ryu karate and Classical Koryu Uchinadi directly from teachings decendant from masters such as Miyagi Chojun (yes…the karate kid movies and TV series), Yamaguchi Gogen & Yamaguchi Goshi, Yamamoto Gonnohyoue and more specifically and currently directly under Master Patrick McCarthy Hanshi and Bill Johansen Shihan (Australia)

While we do teach students how to kick, punch and vigorously defend themselves, students are also taught interpersonal ways to avoid conflict. Students at BMA-Busselton Martial Arts are taught the moral precepts that are unique to traditional karate. Our focus is on the development of the character and sound moral grounding.

Learning respect for their seniors and compassion for their juniors, our students are taught to respect all, and to be courteous in manners at all times. This, in part, is the real self-defence of karate.

It is unfortunate that walking away or diffusing the situation is not always enough to avoid conflict; bullies may persist in spite of their target’s best intentions. Shihan Craig, also a parent of 3 younger children, has been teaching for almost 3 decades and knows that confident karate students are rarely bullied. You may have confidence that with continued training your child should have sufficient knowledge and education to avoid a conflict, to diffuse it if they cannot avoid it, and finally, if possible, do their best to defend themselves.

Watch your child develop:

  • Discipline, Improved Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Greater Focus & Interdependency
  • Greater Respect, Gratitude and Compassion
  • Improved Co-Ordination, Greater Fitness & Core Strength
  • Character Development & Good Moral Grounding
  • Fellow Team Work & Co-Operation
  • Self-Defence & Karate

BMA’s Martial Arts program for all ages offers a very unique way of training. Without wanting to bore you, there is lack of education on what true karate is with the general population. Most people associate Karate with standing there and throwing punches and kicks in thin air without much purpose but to entertain and keeps students busy. And YES! there are many Dojo’s around just like that though BMA prides itself on teaching kids ‘CLASSICAL KARATE’, this is the Karate that existed before the big ‘change’ to market to the world.

CLASSICAL KARATE originates from a blend of Okinawan Te (the islands own indigenous form of self-defence practices) and that with China’s own martial arts. As Okinawa was a major trade port betwen China and Japan many of the Okinawan masters travelled and trained in China….NOT JAPAN!

All training is aimed for school age APPROPRIATENESS! We give the kids various tools of training to avoid conflict and in the event of unwanted physical aggression, way to deal with it physically based on their age. We dont teach kids for example; strangulations, but do teach them how to avoid or defend against them and we certainly don’t teach kids how to use weapons.

Classical Karate offers training in;

  • Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu, (a non sport based tradition to prepare for unwanted acts of aggression using utilising defensive strategies such as avoidence, footwork,blocking, punches, kicks, throws, joint manipulations, strangles, pressure point strikes and ground fighting within school age appropriateness)
  • Kata (Model Examples & Postures)
  • Aiki Kenpo JuJutsu (Grappling & finishing holds)
  • Muchimi-di (Sticky-hand sensitivity drills fosters the skill of controlling the attacker by continually pressing, trapping and or hooking.
  • Tegumi (Two-person checking, trapping, & close-combat drills)
  • Kuzushi, Nage & Ukemi-waza   (Balance Displacement, Throwing, Tumbling & Falling/Landing)
    Unfortunately, ending up on the ground, irrespective of how unwelcome the thought may be, is something that is more than likely to happen in an actual physical confrontation.
  • Katame-waza (Lesson’s in Restraint/Immobilization)
  • and with GOJU-RYU karate (Sensei’s background Karate for almost 30 years, he finds many aspects of the system beneficial for a lot of the students for discipline and learning good function of technique)

ABOVE ALL, we make sure the kids follow the SSL program (Sweat, Smile & Learn) and make our classes as active as as possible and mask many activities of learning through FUN drills.