Busselton Adult Martial Arts Classes



How Would You Like To Have Fun, Make New Friends, and Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life in our Tailor Designed Martial Arts Classes

All While Learning Skills That Will Protect You and Your Loved Ones!     In  Adult Specific Classes!

Our Traditional Karate classes are taught in a relaxed but focused atmosphere and we are here to help you start your journey.


Even as Adults we need to develop the confidence and traits that we teach in the Youth Karate. We emphasise all of our new and current members that we are a “Personal Best” school of training. That is, you will not be compared to other, more experienced members at any time. All that you are asked is to do your best and we will help you step by step to improve your training and fitness. You will set goals and we will help you achieve them little by little under our guidance.

All of our classes are conducted by Craig Crampton Shihan (Master Level Instructor & Accredited National Karate Coach) and other experienced instructors to help you become fitter and faster.

Our adults classes are a great place to be, everyone understand’s how difficult it is to step through the door the first time and you will be happily greeted and made welcome by our fellow members. You will have no expectations to perform and everyone gladly helps you achieve your own personal goals.

Our school (Dojo or place of training) studies two main fighting arts. One in which Craig Crampton Shihan is a 30 year veteran of GoJu-Ryu Karate-Do and that of Patrick Macarthy’s Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-Jutsu (KU for short). Mr Crampton has incorporated both fighting art concepts into his classes for study and is now one of WA’s only authorised schools for KU.

For more of an idea of what we do in our Teenager Specific Classes and Adult’s Only Classes, visit the page Koryu Uchinadi

Come down for a go, meet great people and make new friends.


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If you are a beginner in the martial arts, please know that you have nothing to fear. While your first step into the dojo can feel intimidating, we here at the school have all been through it.