Beginners of 11-12 years of age will join some of the more experienced students at BMA, though they are guided and given lots of help from instructors and the more advanced members allowing them to progress at thier own pace. A perfect opportunity for them to make new friends, experience comradery, gain confidence and learn to focus at higher levels

Advanced Junior KARATE

This is primarily to prepare them to enter the teenager and adult classes at the age of 13.

This class delves in a modified teenager and adult program as explained in on the adult program found on this website.

A highly focused group of kids, this class is an absolute amazing experience to learn and train in. Wonderful and friendly students who can’t wait to help new students learn the ropes and jump in and have some fun, but also learn some serious self-defence practices along the way.

(green belt and above, red belt by invitation if younger than 11)

This class is also for students of BMA who have trained for a few years and are ready to develop a more advanced set of skills to add to their martial arts training. Delving more into old school martial arts practices with more intense and indepth partner work this trains not only thier body, but thier mind, and we start pushing for personal exellence for everyone’s individual set of skills (students are never alike).

Students also work more on HAPV (36 potential attacks of Habitual Acts of Physical Violence templates) as catelogued by Master Patrick McCarthy, gearing them up for older life possibilities (we still maintain strong school appropriate coaching and hold deep indepth group discussions and what to use and when to use our self-defence training).

Students also get to start training in CLASSICAL kata and learning thier specific applications (called BUNKAI or OYO WAZA) to learn more about traditional concepts of self-defence and more importantly…WHY!

On Ko Chi Shin / 温故知新 “To study to old is too understand the new’

As the students have been training for some time, we focus greatly on function over form. We are not here to make the kids look pretty, techniques and applications have to work or why train them? Not everything works either, and something that works on one person will not always work on another.

‘Will will give you a toolbox full of tools, it is up to the student to learn which tools are required for the right application at the right time, different tools for different situations may be needed and a tool that works one day, may not work the next’

A highly energetic, fun and focused class, kids are set goals during the class to train on and or complete a set of tasks with or without a partner. A highly social and friendly group these kids become to understand that learning karate is about learning not to fight at all, but to be prepared for anything.